Celebrating six years, the annual Sydney Shakespeare Festival is one of Sydney’s summer event highlights.

As You Like It 2013

As You Like It 2013

“What a superb setting it is; watching the performance with a backdrop of both the great bridges of Sydney.” WHAT’S ON SYDNEY 19/01/2013

Directed by Julie Baz
Designed by David Jeffrey
Composed by Sarah de Jong

17 Jan – 24 Feb 2013

8pm - 10:30pm (including 15 min interval)
Thurs, Fri, Sat and Sun

Performance dates for each play

Book tickets online 24 hours

$29 full, $23 concession, $17 high school students

FREE for children 12 years and under, people 65 years and over and people with disabilities

In 2013, we present on alternate evenings

Much Ado About Nothing 2013

Much Ado About Nothing 2013

Much Ado About Nothing

“With a cast oozing of talent…they turn even the most laborious dialogue into hilarious wordplay.” ALTERNATIVE MEDIA GROUP 17/01/13

Shakespeare’s strategic guide to the war between the sexes delivers rapier wit and cutting observation; lies, laughter and love, with a stiff dose of betrayal and dashes of bawdy humour.

Young lovers Hero and Claudio are to be married in a week. To pass the time they conspire with Don Pedro, Prince of Aragon, to set a ‘lovers’ trap’ for Benedick, a self-confessed ‘tyrant to women’, and the independent and forthright Beatrice, his favourite sparring partner. Meanwhile, Don Pedro’s half-brother, the devious Don John, conspires to break up the wedding.

As You Like It

“The cast shine…They put aside all their prohibitions remarkably to represent some of Shakespeare’s most unique and slightly loopy characters in a majorly convincing fashion.” ALTERNATIVE MEDIA GROUP 19/01/13

Witty, playful and utterly magical, As You Like It is a compelling romantic adventure in which courtship is played out against a backdrop of political rivalry, banishment and exile.

Rosalind, daughter of deposed Duke Senior flees from court with her cousin to the Forest of Arden where she disguises herself as a young man. Orlando, Rosalind’s would be lover, has also fled after learning his brother intends to have him killed. While encountering the dramas and love stories of the various inhabitants of the forest Rosalind, still disguised, tries to cure Orlando of his love for her.

The Merchant of Venice 2010

The Merchant of Venice 2010